Question by Julie: Where can I find information on dream interpretation and analysis?
I’ve been having the same reoccurring bad dream for years only I haven’t had one like it recently until now. I need to know if there is a certain meaning in the return of my dream.

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Answer by Khnopff71
Dream analysis is very personal. There are some dreams that have common meanings (walking around school/work naked for on) but even they have personal references that won’t be found in the interpretations.Nightmares also can vary according to the dreamer. Depending on the root cause of the nightmare (past abuse, mental illness, conflict in family settings, saw a horror movie before going to bed, etc etc) the mind will tweak the settings each time, so that the same incident could be causing any number of different nightmare scenarios without the dreamer ever finding the link between them or realizing they are linked.Not only that, but not every nightmare has to be related to the same root cause. Watching a horror movie before going to bed can create a full subconscious bin that the mind empties by replaying it, while the next night a deeper subconscious inclination can stimulate another nightmare all on its own.One thing nightmares do have in common is the aspect of fate. What I mean by this is that the outcome is almost always guaranteed unless the dreamer takes action to correct the error. That is, unless either the dream or subconscious root cause is figured out and eliminated, the nightmares will continue to reappear, since the mind has not escaped that feeling of helplessness and immobility that created the first nightmare. Whatever ‘evil’ metaphor that helplessness takes on is pertinent mostly to the dreamer’s fears, since the more overwhelming the evil is, the more helpless/powerless the dreamer feels consciously.

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