Question by Ana Mossa: Where do I go to get translation of birth certificate notarized?
Translated from spanish to english. I was thinking of going to my bank (BofA) and see if they would do it there but I did some research and found that they can’t dot it.. Where is the place were I can get this done. I did the translation myself (does this work or does it have to be from a “professional” person, can I write that my(some relative) did it? Thak you.

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Answer by Teekno
You can’t do the translation yourself — you’ll need to find someone else to translate it for you. It doesn’t have to be a professional translator, it can be just someone fluent in both languages, and then you’ll both have to go find a notary public to get it notarized.As far as finding a notary, check with insurance agencies, they often have a notary in the office.

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