Question by michealw: Where to find an interpreter in Vietnam and China?
Hi I am looking for an interpreter for travel/ business in Vietnam. He/ She should have experience in finding product manufacturers and trade negotiations. Anyone know any websites???Thanks.PS> If you need a travel / business interpreter for your trip to China? Check out or –services. I used them for business in China they’re professional and a great price $ 69 per day.

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Answer by IanC.
Try Tonkin Travel, their based in Hanoi but they can arrange translators for any part of the country. It is run by a guy named Tony (at least I think that’s his name), who was born in Vietnam, grew up in Australia (and speaks excellent English as a result) and now works in Vietnam. He and his staff are very reliable and helpful; I hired them last year for a trip from HCMC to Soc Trang and they were the nicest people I could have asked for. Have a good trip!P.S. Despite the name, they have interpreters who specialize in both vacations and business trips so you should be set.

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