Question by AQ الطامح: Where to search for an authorised translator for Arabic and English in Kuching?
I need to get some documents translated from Arabic to English. I can do it myself but I necessitate an authorised chop on that. So, where can I happen an official translator for Arabic or at least where can I search for one? Courts…?How much do they charge per page?

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Answer by Bean
I recently had some paperwork certified as true copies by a solicitor firm in KL. The fee was opined to be $ 50 (Ringgits) for the first page and $ 10 per consequent pages, but if you smile nicely they might wavier the $ 10 per page fee like they did with me.I doubt that there are any lawyers/solicitors in Kuching that can interpret the paperwork for you, but as you adverted if you can interpret it yourself I think that they would be consenting to give it an authorised chop.Good luck 🙂

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