Do you consider that hiring a total-time translator merely costs you salary? Have you regarded time cost, risk, training cost, management cost and many more? There might be quite a few defects existing in your company’s translation department like low-toned efficiency, unmanageable quality, etc. Are there better ways to complete assorted translation tasks and transfer more attention to the core business of the corporation? Translation outsourcing is a full way to lick your problems.

I. Why you ask translation outsourcing?

A noted American management scholar said that do what you do better (your core competency) and outsource the rest! Today, because of the economy globalization and ferocious competition, concentrating on the core business is one of the key rules for corporation survival. Therefore, outsourcing business, which helps dissimilar companies efficaciously trim cost, raise competitiveness, etc., becomes one of the most significant measures for many corporations.

II. An outsourcing translation company is subject of helping you:

Manage cost: It’s very hard for a non-translation company to manage its translation staff as skillfully, systematically, strictly as professional translation team. So their translation ROI number is very low and the accumulated efficiency has a severe loss. How could corporation achieve to strongly support and ensure their core business in such situation? But taking advantage of outsourcing translation could help cut your management cost down to zero.

Ensure professional quality: Professionalized translation is a team work instead of individual work. Almost all of their translation content is comprehensive and extensive, no matter it is website translation, technical document translation, tender & bidding document translation, voice over, or company report. An excellent translation team is much better than a seasonal translator who has 10-year experience, because internal team communication, cooperation, share and discussion could avoid defects and take advantage of strong points maximally. Plus, in the whole process of team work, team members constantly examine and manage glossary translation. However, if your translation personnel don’t have professional language translation training, they will feel hard to control the professional level of the translating content, so it is easy to cause superficial translation, missing translation and misunderstood translation.

Enhance efficiency: It is identical tough for a corporation to train and assign professional, all-round translation employees, let alone enhancing their employees’ translating efficiency.

III. Professional translation and localization providers

Today, there are a lot of translation and localization providers all around the world. They all claimed that they are reliable, professional, responsible and efficient. For avoiding scams and cheaters, one not only needs to be extra careful, but also needs to make a good preparation and full survey.

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