Dream interpretation didn’t have a decisive importance for everyone until my discoveries, after I went on the research given up by the psychiatrist Carl Jung. Even the individual psychologists and psychiatrists that use dream interpretation in order to cure their patients, don’t consider their dreams as the alkalic source of information about their mental condition

Jung gave them basic importance and this is why he could discover the unique exact way to translate the meaning of many basic dream symbols, common to humanity in general, because they appear in everyone’s dreams, in all civilizations and in all historical times. He denominated them as archetypes. For more details visit to www.joint-venture-guide.com .His work was awful! He pulled off to really enamour the concealed meaning actualised in the dream language!

Until today humanity didn’t recognize the importance of his discoveries. He merited a Nobel Prize!

I intended to prove this fact to the world with my book, not only exposing my dreams and my biography to the public in order to really show everyone the relation which exists between the dreamer’s life and his or her dreams, as well as relating many scientific discoveries in many different scientific fields that confirmed everything affirmed by Jung: however, my book took another direction in the end

Even though I only had the intention to prove to the world that he was right, when I arrived at the point where I had to write my personal conclusions about everything I had written, I faced a very big dilemma, because I had to disagree with Carl Jung on 3 basic points

1 He concluded that a person must stay far from the research of the content of their psyche, unless they feel this necessity

I concluded that everyone must indispensably learn how to translate their dreams the soonest possible

2- He concluded that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams is a good counselor for our conscience, but that we have to make our decisions based on our own conscience

I concluded that the human conscience is crazy and that there is an even crazier content in the wild side of the human conscience, therefore we must obey to the directions of the wise and saintly unconscious mind that produces our dreams in order to save us from craziness, despair and suicidal thoughts

3- Jung concluded that the absence of the characterization of something as good or bad could be the ideal solution for the human being, accepting the idea of the existence of a moral beyond what is good and what is bad

I concluded that goodness and evilness cannot coexist because what is evil destroys what is good, and that the human being must be loyal to his moral principles in order to save his human conscience from the craziness that the wild side is constantly trying to impose to the human side

Carl Jung stopped his research at a certain point, afraid of craziness, since he knew that it exists a priori in the human brain and psyche, as he could observe examining the dreams and the words used by many patients that suffered from grave mental illnesses in their speech

His attitude was correct. He really had to discontinue, because he was not set up to face the craziness he would observe if he would go on his research in the unidentified region of the psyche through dream interpretation as I did

I’m a writer, and I have been studying human logic since I was a child, especially because my father is schizophrenic

I have a great literary talent, and when I learned how to interpret my dreams according to Jung’s method, I observed in my own literature the existence of many archetypes

When I was 15 years old I suffered a terrible car accident, losing my memory and the coordination of my movements for a long time. The friend who was next to me in the car deceased instantly in the crash

After this sad accident I got down composing a book about a beggar who was grossed out with anthropoidity and desired to set an end to the camouflaged war actualised among all anthropoid beings, besides setting an end to hunger and poverty. To cognize more logon to www.jointwebventures.com .Examining the archetypes existent in this book, which I finished up only 6 and half years later, I observed the meaning of many symbols that Jung could not understand

If you desire to larn also how to debar sad accidents, besides diseases and all moral illnesses, get down analysing dream translation with my method, deduced from Carl Jung’s method of course, since he really observed the code for the dead on target translation of the most crucial dream symbols

Don’t care, because my method is very uncomplicated, while his method was too perplexed. He was a beginner, and he disregarded what exists in the bottom of the anthropoid psyche..

Prevent Depression and Craziness through the scientific method of Dream Interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by Christina Sonia’s, a writer who continued Jung’s research in the unknown region of the human psychic sphere



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