Question by pinggg: Why Thai language is not easygoing to access according to internet and computer use?
I finger dishonored to inquire “Do you cognize Thailand ?” I am Thai. I happened that Vietnamese and Indonesia language are accessible in Google translation machine but Thai. I think in South East Asia several countries much as Laos Cambodia Singapore Myanmar Vietnam Malaysia and China support analysing Thai language. However, There are not much programs to advance study Thai or other applications for instance translation, dictionary, scanning machine or OCR.When I register the websites, they desire me to inform the language but there is no Thai rendered. What happened? Maybe my language is a minority of world language use.

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Answer by exitcharge
As far as “popular” languages are concerned… Thai is not one of them. Some websites select only to support democratic languages as fought back to backing up all of them. This saves them money and allows them to create a few impressive products as opposed to many bad products. Hope this helps.Take care!Brian

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