In the course of shoe culture, embroidery insole which can be described as a howling work, with its essential position.Embroidery insole is a traditional handicraft, democratic in the Yellow River manifest hand of women’s insoles, is fulfilled by a variety of color line system, the insole is used in cotton cloth, and other quality rude materials, the use of non traditional stitch The track-pin hand doing process, to go through to do the mold, played batter, stick cloth, the suggested model, Nike Air Max 90 veneers, pare and embroidery processes, the hand will act about eight women cooked, making nine days time to consummate. Finally, the embroidery is the most tasks are more demanding and the most trouble, is the hand-crafted products in the boutique.

A pair of beautifully embroidered insoles need 5-7 days to be embroidered into it, each pair of insoles are made six new plasma system from pure cotton, silk, etc. with more refined or pure cotton lines, lines for the polyester material occupied by the enemy line, so the resistance to washing brush. The thickness of each pair of insoles can be up to 4 mm, about 15,000 pins protruding surface, can play a very good massage foot massage to relieve fatigue, general embroidery insole, there are three:

The first one is cover-cut applique embroidery: embroidered pattern is first cut to a piece of covering cutting, and then affixed to the insole, and then cover the complete line of flat embroidery. Application of this method because of the style of covering cutting, seems totally simple, slightly 3-dimensional look, this embroidery is now rare;

The second is flat embroidery method: This method is more simple to learn embroidery, the pattern is selected on the draft outline on the insole, and embroidered with the flat pin directly. Hand, many women have collected and kept a large number of good-looking design, this traditional style of embroidery is beneficial to the inheritance and transmission. There are no direct embroidered sketching, such people are often realized the truth, very creative master, Nike Air Max 24-7 flat embroidery law requires pins to be neatly arranged in uniform, do not reveal the end of cloth for the top grade, more common in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other places;

The third method is cross-stitch embroidery embroidery: The embroidery is in the sole pre-canvas painting or using latitude and longitude lines drawn into latitude and longitude grid, and then Eagle under the needle can not be misplaced, this method is more inclined to use cross stitch or combination of rows wears Nike Air Max to form a concise geometric patterns overstated and distorted, mostly by the old traditional patterns or evolved more abstract graphic symbols. provided Lots of low-toned price but high quality including Air Max 90,Air Max 2009,Nike Air Max 24-7,Oakley Sunglasses,Cheap Nike Air Max,Nike Air Max 2009,we have thousands of Nike Air Max,Air Max 24-7 and Air Max Shoes Wholesale.

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