Question by pinktink: Your personal interpretation of the transformation from human to animal and vice versa?
I would just like to know how individuals imagine the transformation from a human to an animal. What do you think the key points of the transformation are? Do the eyes roll back? Is the skin hot or cold? So they shake or are they still etc.

Your views would be much appreciated.
Before you start been abusive it is for a BOOK. I do not think that shape shifters are real!

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Answer by Googlywotsit
You need not justify yourself to others who criticise you, Pink.
Besides, your question(to me) makes it clear it wasn’t a question related to personal belief, so just laugh at their inability to read properly. (laughing feels good too!)

I’d consider such transformation to be quite painful to experience, so shaking would come as standard I reckon! The skin, I suspect, would heat up considerably too due to going through such trauma. I wouldn’t be surprised to see blood from the pores too!
As for a full description, I’m afraid I would only be plagiarising what I’ve seen in films. I think the better werewolf films out there give good visual examples of how it would happen.

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